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Radovan Trnavac Mića

City of Valjevo and its government founded the International Art Studio in 1997 and named it Radovan Trnavac Mića. The Studio’s aim is to host well known and renewed artists from all over the world. Mića had a wish to show his country and his people to the guest artists. They stay one month at the Studio as long as their exhibition last at the gallery of the Studio. So far over 300 artists from almost all continents have exhibited here and Studio gathered significant art work collection which for sure is one of the most important foreign artists` collections in Serbia from the World War II. It turned out that the idea about the Studio is great which is proven by constant reports, stories and readings by world and national media

People who lead the International Art Studio have a strong wish and make their efforts for Studio to become the Contemporary International Fine Arts Museum!

Details about the International art studio can be seen on the website: