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Mosaic as an art discipline has been practiced from Egyptian time. Mosaic reached its peak in the Italian renaissance. Since then mosaic has been done by stone material on a hard surface.

Usual materials that are used for making mosaic: stone, ceramics, iron and all other kinds of a material which are suitable for artist for making his mosaic idea possible.

Radovan Trnavac Mića does his mosaics with ceramics because ceramic industry reached its highest level in the second part of the 20th century. So today is possible to get marble look ceramic, granite look ceramic or any other stone look ceramic. And it is much easier for treatment.

Ceramics technology that is been used today allows for mosaic to be placed anywhere outdoors or indoors (floor, wall, ceiling) because weather does not influence its durability.

* We thank to Mr. Žika Nikolić, editor of the TV RTS show „Žikina šarenica“, for givings this video material!